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How to create a Facebook Page?

How to create a page:-

First you need to create a Facebook account and after that you can hit your profile icon and go to pages.

There are two types of pages you can create:-

1. Business or brand

You can create a business or brand page so that you can attract more customers from all over the world. It would boost your business and it’s good for expansion.

2. Community or public figure

You can make community pages so that you can share your content, culture with anyone in Facebook. Or if you are a public figure or celebrity you can create a page to increase your followers.

How to reset Facebook password?

  • First you need to type in your username or email
  • Select forget password
  • It will ask for your recovery email or phone number
  • You can select anything and then you’ll receive any security code on that recovery email or recovery phone number whichever you have selected
  • You need to get the code and type in the security code box
    It should be 6 digit code
  • Once Facebook verifies your code, it would ask you to enter new password which should be minimum 8 characters
  • And if you don’t remember your username, then you need to type your name and search it
  • If you are unable to find your account then it will ask for any of your friend’s name so that it would be easy to find your account
  • Once you see your account then click on that and it would give you your recovery options
  • Once you see recovery options then the procedure would be same as explained above

Facebook Customer Support Phone Number

Common Facebook Problems

facebook support

  • Facebook account got hacked
  • Unable to reset Facebook password
  • Cannot boost your advertisements or cannot find the exact location while advertising
  • Unable to play games on Facebook game room, java script is not working
  • Your Facebook ad account got blocked
  • Your ad account got flagged because of unusual activities
  • Cannot verify your new account with Gmail, Hotmail or any other email provider
  • Facebook account or page got compromised or got blocked by unknown reason

How to block a person or page on Facebook : –

  • Click on small icon on top right hand side and go to settings
  • On the left hand side you would get many options but you need to click on blocking
  • Then you are in manage blocking option
  • In blocking option, you will see block user column, where you can add friend’s name or mail and click on block
  • It would give you a prompt that you really want to block specific person then click on yes and that’s how that specific person would get blocked from your account and same goes with any particular Facebook page.

Facebook Ads Manager

Advertisement on Facebook is much sorted. Facebook provide a fine way to make your existence in the virtual world of internet. As Facebook has a millions of user across the world, it helps new and old organizations to stay alive in the business and make sure to grow the new way of work. Its helps to advertise product, services, apps and websites to advertise and promote it to customer end.

Facebook Customer Support Number

Common issues with Advertisement

  • Not able to create ads on Facebook
  • Ads are not getting verified
  • Facing issues with boosting the ads
  • Not able to target the right audience
  • Facing problem sorting the target locations
  • Ads are boosting but not visible to clients
  • Ads are getting rejected due to policy violations
  • Reactivation of suspended accounts

Facebook Billing and payments

Facebook provides a vast range of payment options to make sure that the campaign and the boost the ads are up and running. Payment option depends on the country of the account User is using. It is to be mentioned that sometimes it takes up to 24 hrs. to update the payments

Some of the common payment options are

  • Credit card
  • Debit Card
  • Net banking
  • Google pay
  • PayPal

Common issues with Billing and payments

  • Facing issue verifying the debit and credit cards
  • Getting trouble creating the billing manager ads section
  • Facing issues understanding the daily and maximum budget
  • Trouble in getting PayPal attach to the billing
  • Need assistance in order to change the recommended billing options

Report post, pages and accounts on Facebook

As Facebook is always alive and up for all kind of post, pictures, events and check-ins. many a times peoples violates the policies of Facebook and pays a block on Facebook, but since there are horde of traffic on the website, it’s really problematic to check all, hence Facebook provides an option for the users to report anything which violates the policy of Facebook.

Facebook Gameroom

Facebook allow its users with wide range of interesting games to play online. It is provided with an application for desktop as well under the name of Facebook gameroom. Facebook gameroom provides access to all the available games to play with your friends online and offline. There are all kind of games like arcade, board games, mission, action and challenges. In united stated more than 45% of users are prone to play games on Facebook. Not just those users can link their games as well to Facebook (if applicable) and can save their levels on Facebook as well.

Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook provides users to customize the privacy of their account as their requirement.it helps them to make the account more secure and visible at the same time. There are different settings to pursue in order to make sure that the sure feels comfortable with the user interface and helps them to socialize more without any hesitation.

In case, you need any help you can contact Facebook Customer Support, there representative are always remain online to assist you. For any information or query, please call us at: 877-590-2114.