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Candy Crush Saga Customer Service Number +1 877 590 2114

Issues in candy crush Saga
How to fix Candy Crush Game
Issues in candy crush Saga

  • Unable to retrieve levels
  • You are getting unknown charges on candy crush
  • If a credit card is not working on the game, unable to buy things on candy crush saga, please contact our customer service +1-877-590-2114
  • If you are unable to play candy crush on Facebook, contact our toll-free number +1-877-590-2114
  • Unable to play candy crush on a tablet, computer
  • If your Candy crush data got lost, back to level one, contact our phone number +1-877-590-2114
  • Not getting boosters on candy crush saga when try to purchase it
  • Unable to buy gold bars from Microsoft store, if getting authentication error, get in touch with our customer care +1-877-590-2114

How to fix Candy Crush Game

  • First, you need to login to your candy crush account and reset the cache on iPhone or Android phone.
    • Follow these steps: –
      • Menu-> Setting-> Apps-> Candy Crush Saga-> Storage-> Clear cache
  • If your candy crush data got lost, then first you need to close your application and logout from your Facebook account. Uninstall the candy crush application and install it again.
    • Then you need to open your application and log in to your Facebook account and sync your data with the new application.
  • Unable to buy boosters or life? Then first you need to remove your credit card and try to add a new card. Then sync with your iTunes or Google account and then try to purchase it again, it will surely work.
  • Are you being charged unknown charging on candy crush? Then first you need to check your google wallet and cancel auto-renewal services if there is any. And if the problem continues then you have to block your credit/debit card and call us on our toll-free number so that a live representative can help you.