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Amazon Fire TV No Signal HDMI Troubleshooting

Amazon Fire TV no Signal HDMI Fix Guide 2019 If you face the problem of fire tv no signal on the HDMI Port then doesn’t be panic just follow the basic troubleshooting steps to fix it. It is really a very annoying situation when you are watching your favorite show and you missed it, just because of the simple issue like fire tv no signal in the HDMI Port. So it is very necessary, you must be aware of the reasons behind the no signal issue.

amazon fire tv no signal hdmi

Troubleshoot – Amazon Fire Stick No signal HDMI?

How To Solve Amazon Fire Stick No Signal HDMI Issue. Firstly, disconnect the fire tv device from the HDMI port and then plug it back after a few seconds. Now check your HDMI cable, if it is faulty then replacing it with a new one. Let be sure that all the HDMI ports, plug in the power source and connected to the device.

Amazon Fire Stick HDMI “no signal” (Basic Troubleshooting):

amazon fire tv no signal support

Let first start with basic troubleshooting steps to get rid of the Fire TV no Signal HDMI problem. Firstly, press the input button or the source button on your remote and let be ensure that your tv input matches with the number of HDMI ports of your fire tv.

Make sure your audio equipment should be connected to your TV and it should be turned on. If still your issue doesn’t get resolved, then reset your fire tv to factory settings.

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I hope the above-stated steps help you to get out of the problem of no signal error in the HDMI port. Just follow these simple steps to get the solution to your problem.

Resolve the Fire TV Showing No Signal in HDMI Port

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Amazon Fire TV No Signal HDMI

Are you a user of Amazon Fire TV and getting an issue of no signal in HDMI port? Then there is something going wrong with your fire tv device. Please read the below steps for better understanding:

The Reasons Maybe:

Fire TV is not On:

There are lots of reasons behind your fire tv is not on. One of the reasons is that power indicator light id not turned on. Make sure you have on the power indicator.

Solved: Select HDMI: Amazon Fire TV Stick

Damage Power Chord:

Fire TV No Signal HDMI You may use the damage power chord which enables to carry the supply to your fire tv and results in no signal. Check properly that your power cord is working fine with another device and also have no bends and cuts. If you find any fault with your power cord, please replace the power cord with another one.

Image Not Visible On Screen

If you are not seeing any kind of image on your fire tv screen there may be some of the following reasons behind them:

Fire TV showing no signal HDMI cable Issue- Connect the table properly to the right point without having bends and folds. It should be properly tightened.

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HDMI “no signal” | Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon TV HDMI Port is not functioning: If you face the problem with HDMI port, then unplug the HDMI cable from the Fire TV and plug it again. If the issue still persists, then plug the HDMI cable into another port of the Fire TV.

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Incorrect Resolution

Fire TV gets no signal in the HDMI port because of incorrect resolution. To fix this issue, just do the following steps as described below:

Amazon Fire TV NO Signal HDMI: You need to press the up button & rewind button on fire tv together for 5 seconds. Now you can select the right resolution for the functioning of your Amazon Fire TV.

Fire Stick HDMI No Signal – Amazon

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Damaged HDMI Port:

Damaged HDMI Port may be also the reason behind the no signal problem in the HDMI port. Examine the HDMI port if it is faulty, then replace with the help of technicians.

No Signal On Amazon Fire Stick: Issues

Remote Control Is Not Working:

Amazon Fire TV no Signal HDMI Faulty Battery- If your fire tv remote is not responding or working when you click the button, then the possible reasons may be the batteries in your remote get down. So check the batteries of your remote control and if it needs new ones then replace with it.

After changing the battery of Fire TV Remote control, you are still facing the same issue, then you can reset your device to find the actual fault. You can do this by unplugged the power cable from the amazon fire tv and wait for a few seconds then plug it again.

TroubleshootingAmazon Fire TV Stick HDMI not Responding

Remote button panel might be damaged.

Make sure that your remote control button panel is working fine. Generally, it gets damaged, it creates problems in the functioning of remote control correctly. So you can replace it with a new one.

Motherboard Damaged:

After troubleshooting all the above steps your problem is not solved, then you have to check your motherboard from the technicians. It might be, it creates the issue.

fire tv support

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Amazon Fire TV HDMI No Signal – Solved

Fire TV no Signal HDMI Sometimes users lost their fire tv remotes or their remotes get faulty due to physical effect or any other condition. In that case, they require a new remote for watching their online show or movies hassle-free. For that, you can order it online or also take the help of the experts of Fire TV Support.

When you upload your movie or tv show, press the menu button on your Amazon remote. It has three horizontal lines stacked on each other. Open the subtitles and audio, select the off button on your screen so it shows on. Now press the menu button to get rid of the settings menu.

Why Is My Amazon Fire Stick Saying No Signal

Fire TV Support offers a great way to get in contact with experts on Amazon Fire TV. They are well-trained professionals and know all the possible errors of fire tv and its solution. They provide you a satisfactory service with a complete solution to your problem. Once you used their services, you will definitely contact with in the future for your any Fire TV problem.

The 4k video is only supported on second-generation Amazon Fire Tv Support as it doesn’t support by old age tv.

One of the best point about them, they are the best technical support service provider around the globe with satisfactory services at very reasonable prices. Their services are best and most recommended by the users who used their services.

How to Resolve Fire TV Giving No Signal in HDMI with Customers Support Helpline?

For Fire TV No signal problem, you need to visit Fire TV Support, where a team of professionals and dedicated experts are available 24*7 hours in your assistance to solve your problem instantly.

They will provide you proper guidance under which you will able to get your problem fixed. They also provide support for devices like printers, routers, tablets, PC,s laptops, Chromebook, and smartphone. Don’t forget to call or visit the website.

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