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Troubleshooting Guide – Amazon Fire Stick No Signal?

Troubleshooting Guide – Amazon Fire Stick No Signal: Are you frustrated with getting Amazon Fire Stick No Signal problem on your TV screen? And don’t know how to resolve that problem, and want to learn how to resolve it permanently. Actually, it is very annoying for anyone when he/she faces amazon fire stick with no signal problem, and it can happen at any time due to some technical issue. So it is better to know the reasons behind the amazon firestick getting no signal problem to resolve it permanently.

If you want to know then go his complete guide by Amazon fire Stick Experts. This guide includes:

  1. Why Amazon Fire Stick No signal message appears on your screen. (Causes).
  2. Fire Stick HDMI “no signal” (Basic Troubleshooting).
  3. Quick fixes for Amazon Fire Stick Streaming Issues –“No Signal”.
  4. Installing Amazon Fire TV, getting no signal/connection message -Resolution.
  5. Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshooting -No Signal.

Reasons Behind Amazon Fire Stick No Signal Problem

Have you ever thought what are the possible reasons behind the Amazon Fire Stick No signal message comes to your TV screen?

Well if not, As we know it is a device and technology-based so there can be lots of possible reasons behind your fire stick to go for no signal problem.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Troubleshooting

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HDCP Issue:

The chance of HDCP Issue is very common as it mainly occurs when you are using an aged TV set. It is a kind of an error like ” No Signal” due to which you want to get any video output.

Interrupted Wi-Fi connection and Un-adaptable Router settings:

If your Wifi signal strength is low, have some connectivity or speed issue or Wifi settings are not compatible with FTV stick, then you can meet face No signal message on your TV screen.

My Fire Stick Shows No signal – Amazon Troubleshoot

Defected Amazon Fire TV Stick :

This goes under the uncommon situations that your Fire TV stick is itself defected. But still, it can happen sometimes. Also, need not make reference to any surrender of Fire TV stick will begin the No Signal for Amazon Fire Stick. Likewise, now and then your stick probably won’t be associated or turned on appropriately because of any reasons.

Troubleshoot For No Signal With Fire Stick – AMAZON

Hardware issue from the HDMI ports or the HDMI cable of the TV Set:

Any kind of equipment issue/deformity with the HDMI port or HDMI link will likewise prompt the Amazon Fire Stick No Signal and the spilling issues with the FTV stick.

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Why the Amazon Firestick Gets No Signal?

common fire tv problems

Issues due to the previously connected device’s settings:

This type of issue occurs due to old saved settings of the device that earlier connected to the same HDMI port, to which now you have connected the Fire Stick.

Not using the authenticated power brick :

If you are using the USB port of your TV set as a power source to your stick, rather than the included confirmed power block, it will bring about “No Signal message” on your TV screen.

Streaming Issues – Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshoot

If you encounter a problem of TV shut down automatically while streaming with Amazon Fire Stick and no signal message appears on your TV screen.

Then you are totally in the right place to get awareness about that.

We understand how it feels when you are watching your favorite movie or episode and suddenly “No Signal” appears on your FTV screen.

But don’t need to be worry just go through the basic steps to get rid of such situation.

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  1. Firstly check the power indicator, if it is fluctuating r automatically turns “off” while streaming, then there is something wrong with your power cable, power plug, and the socket.
  2. Carefully examine your power cable, plug, and socket.
  3. Carefully examine the HDMI cable connections. It should be tightly connected with the HDMI port. If the connection is loose, it results in signal loss and shows “NO Signal” with Amazon Fire Stick.
  4. Check the functioning of HDMI port properly and also check, check it should not be damaged due to any physical effect.
  5. Check your internet connection properly. If the internet connection is slow or has frequent disconnection, then it also results in no signal problem with your Fire TV stick.

Fire Stick HDMI Troubleshooting -No Signal (Basic Troubleshooting):

HDMI Cable and HDMI ports both are very important for the proper functioning of the FTV stick. If one of the gets faulty or not functioning properly resulted in “no signal” message on your screen. If you get No signal message on your TV screen, and you try every possible method and assuring that everything is adequate with the FTV. Then the chance of error with your HDMI Port and HDMI cable is very high. At that time, you can do the basic troubleshooting as given below:

  1. Firstly, guarantee that your HDMI link must be finger-tight with the HDMI port. And furthermore, the cable must not have any cuts or scratches.
  2. In the event that everything (port and the link) is correct, attempt to associate the HDMI link to an alternate HDMI port. Likewise, utilizing just the confirmed HDMI link is fitting.
  3. Try some other device to the HDMI port to ensure that the ports are functioning properly or not. Sometimes, HDMI ports become defective due to physical effect or some other conditions.
  4. In case HDMI Ports are functioning properly, then try using the random HDMI cables. Using the HDMI that has Pin 13 removed will be advisable.

Steup Amazon Fire TV, getting no signal/connection message -Resolution.

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Are you getting “No signal”/ “No connection” while trying to Setup your FTV stick? Well, the reason for this can be either the poor internet connection or the wrong hardware setup. But with the adequate knowledge of this gadget, you can set up your Fire TV stick error-free.

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  1. Initially ensure that your internet connection is working fine and have an appropriate speed of the function Amazon Fire Tv Stick.
  2. If your internet connection is OK, then examine your hardware setup for the Fire TV. All the connections should be accurate and tight.
  3. After examining all the things and still there is NO signal message error appear on your Fire TV screen, then do the steps.
  4. In case you are using the Ethernet cable, ensure it should be correctly connected to the Ethernet port and should be tight. It should be in good condition without any cut or folds.
  5. Switch on the router for 15 seconds and then restart it.
  6. Do the same for FTV stick and your TV set also.

Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshooting -No Signal (Advanced Troubleshooting):

If you are done with all the above stated quick fixes but still unable to resolve the Amazon Fire Stick No Signal problem, then follow these advanced troubleshooting steps:

Reset Fire TV and FTV stick to default factory settings:

Sometime no signal/connection on FTV stick scenarios, resetting Fire TV stick act as a boom. But the most challenging part is to reset the Amazon Fire TV stick. As it is reset only with two options:

By using the FTV remote:

To Reset the Amazon Firestick TV with FTV remote do these steps:

  • Press and hold the combination of two buttons -“ previous” and the “Right” of your Fire TV stick remote.
  • Keep it hold, until you see the reset screen on your display.
  • Use your PIN (if you set one).
  • Select “Reset” and wait for your TV to restart. It might take a few seconds

By using the System menu:

To Reset the Amazon Firestick TV with System menu do these steps:

fire tv support
  • Open your system menu on the screen.
  • Navigate to the settings; it’s at the end of the sidebar under Photos.
  • Navigate to “System” on the right side.
  • On the slide-out menu, scroll down till you encounter with “Reset to Factory Defaults”.
  • Now when you select “Reset to Factory Defaults”, you will need the parental/security PIN code.
  • Finally, select “Reset” and wait for the restart of the device.

Diagnosing Network Settings for Amazon Fire Stick No Signal:

  • Open the System Menu on the screen.
  • Navigate to Settings on the bottom side of the sidebar.
  • Under “Settings” go to Network.
  • Press the play/pause button for a few seconds.
  • Now, an issue with the Network will be detected and diagnosed by the commands on your screen

Still Facing Amazon Fire Stick No Signal Issue After Troubleshooting

If you have done all the steps of basic as well as advanced troubleshooting for Amazon Firestick No Signal Issue stated above in this post, and still not get the solution of your problem for Amazon Fire TV Stick No Signal, then there are two possible errors, one is you are missing something in your troubleshooting steps, or there can be a hardware defect in your Amazon FTV stick device.

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