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Troubleshooting Tips To Fix When Alexa Not Connecting To Wifi

Are you facing a problem with your Alexa or your Alexa is not connecting to wifi? Then go through with our troubleshooting tips that help you in establishing the connection between your Alexa and Wifi.

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Reboot/Restart Your Modem Or Router.

If you face any connectivity issue between Alexa and Wifi, just reboot your modem or router. Please, reboot both the devices manually and wait for some time until it comes in working position. Then reconnect your Alexa device with your Wifi. In many cases, most of the problems just solve at the initial step after rebooting the modem or router. In any case, you are facing any trouble while restarting your modem or router then please go through with modem/ router manual.

Reboot/Restart Your Alexa-Enabled Device.

As in the initial step we recommend you to restart your modem or router helps in fixing your problem. In any way, that trick doesn’t help you, then reboot your Alexa enabled device. Sometimes by restarting your Alexa enabled devices also fix your problem. It is simple, just power off of your Alexa enabled devices and then turn it back on. Then try to connect with the WI-Fi network.

Check Your Wifi Range

Sometimes Wifi range is also the main issue in your connectivity. Low WI-Fi signals prevent your Alexa enabled device from the steady connectivity with your Wifi connection. The strength of the Wifi signals is not the same in your home due to thick walls and other obstructions. The best troubleshooting tips for this is to take your Alexa to enable device closer to Your Wifi router and try to reconnect it.

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Verify Your Wifi Password:

This is one of the most reasonable in connectivity. Sometimes we change the WiFi password and forget to change the same with your Alexa device. It is a very common problem and most of the problem, just solved by verifying your password. The best way to troubleshoot this is to connect your Alexa enable the device with another Wifi network using the password in question. If your device connects to it, the chance is that you entered an invalid password.

Reset Your Alexa-Enabled Device to Its Default State:

When all the above troubleshooting tips fail and still your Alexa not connecting to wifi, then reset your Alexa enabled the device to its default state. Sometimes it can fix your Wifi connectivity problems.

For First-Generation Amazon Alexa Devices:

To reset a first-generation Amazon Alexa device to factory settings:

  1. First, Go to the Reset button which is located at the bottom or base of your device. It is a small hole. Now with some paper clip or some related item, press and hold this button until the light ring on the top of the device turns orange and then blue.
  2. Release the Reset button and wait till the light ring sets on the orange color.
  3. Now your Alexa device is reset to its factory settings, Now you can set up via the Alexa app and again try to connect with your WI-Fi
For Second-Generation Alexa Devices

To reset a second-generation Amazon Alexa device to factory settings:

  1. First, go to the volume buttons on your device.
  2. Press And hold the Microphone Off and Volume Down button simultaneously until the device light ring turns orange for 15–20 seconds, then turned to blue.
  3. Now release both the buttons and wait till the light ring of the device stands on an orange color.
  4. Now your Alexa device is reset. You can set up via the Alexa App and try to reconnect with your WI-Fi

After troubleshooting all these steps you still unable to connect your Alexa to WI-Fi then dial our helpline number +1 855-856-6451, our customer support executive will help you in solving your problem.

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