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Issues in candy crush Saga

  • • Unable to retrieve levels
  • • You are getting unknown charges on candy crush
  • • Credit card is not working on game, unable to buy things on candy crush saga
  • • Cannot play candy crush game with your Facebook friends
  • • Unable to play candy crush on tablet, computer
  • • Candy crush data got lost, back to level one
  • • Not getting boosters on candy crush saga when try to purchase it
  • • Unable to buy gold bars from Microsoft store, getting authentication error

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Our Strategy

How to fix Candy Crush Game: -

  • • First you need to login into your candy crush account and reset the cache on iPhone or android phone. Follow these steps: -

    Menu-> Setting-> Apps-> Candy Crush Saga-> Storage-> Clear cache

  • • If your candy crush data got lost, then first you need to close your application and logout from your Facebook account. Uninstall the candy crush application and install it again.

    Then you need to open your application and login into your Facebook account and sync your date with new application.

  • • Unable to buy boosters or life? Then first you need to remove your credit card and try to add a new card. Then sync with your iTunes or google account and then try to purchase it again, it will surely work.
  • • Are you being charged unknown charging on candy crush? Then first you need to check your google wallet, and cancel auto renewal services if there is any. And if problem continues then you have to block your credit / debit card and call us on our toll-free number so that a live representative can help you.

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